Punk Archaeology Conference 5 Year Anniversary – The Real Story

That’s really me. Some of those fillings are now crowns.

Today is the 5th anniversary of the epic Punk Archaeology conference the Sidestreet Grill in Fargo, N.D.  You really should download and read my article Punk Archaeoseismology, which is presented in artisinal Richard handwriting.  Probably there are other good pieces of writing in there.  But here is the never before told backstory to my on-stage presentation. In 2013 I was still fighting a wierd sinus infection thing, and had recently had my skull trephinated, again.  They drilled a skull in my forehead to fix things and drilled some other holes and sent me into the cold night.  No worries; my life was saved and I’m better. But at the time, there was some pain involved.

2 February 2013 was a bad day.  In my green room pre-performance preparations at the Holiday Inn, first, I rewrote my presentation on a graph paper with a fountain pen ’cause art.  (I suspect I wrote, not rewrote; I have the paper but not the memory). I hung my head off the side of my bed and poured liquid steroid up my nose until the sinuses were filled.  Then I waited as long as I could withstand it, then drained.  Then repeated. All the while a headache tightened and tightened.  When I went from the greenly flourescent hotel room to the dark sidestreet, I was at tunnel vision.  And then presenter Aaron Barth started pounding on the drums, and Andrew Reinhard started screaming, and Bill Caraher leaned back in his chair and flopped his ponytail from side to side, and I realized that I had not been in pain, that this new sensation was pain.  I remember we were there at a table, and Kris and Tom and Suzzanne were there. I may have eaten the Sidestreet’s famous Fargo Dog.  I remember speaking, but mostly I remember Pain.  So much pain. I was supposed to take Andrew to the train station at 3AM or some such, but I abandoned him.  I don’t know how he got there.  It was fun; let’s do it again.

[insert quote about art and pain here]

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