Garage with Attached House

[I’ve found that blog entries remain unwritten because I can’t stand sitting at the computer anymore.  So I’m going analog on occasion.  This also will help with my execrable handwriting.  If anyone is actually reading this 1)hey, thanks for reading and 2)sorry.]


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Why build the above, when the below is for sale?

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2 Responses to Garage with Attached House

  1. Bill Caraher says:


    What’s interesting is that this is part of some kind of ambivalent struggle for the front of the house. As you well know, back in the day the front of the house was the space for display, and builders put ugly utilitarian bits outback (kitchens, garages, bathrooms, et c.).

    Here’s my theory:

    For many people now the formerly private space of the kitchen has become incredibly important, but has oddly remained at the back of the house. As a result, the kitchen has drawn both family activities and visiting guests away from the venerable front room parlor to the back of the house and the kitchen. The back yard, then, becomes more important than the front yard – for both privacy and display purposes to guests who now sit around the kitchen table and look out a tacky birdbaths. Moving the garage to the front has opened up the backyard a place for idyllic display centered around the kitchen view. The isolated backyard – preferably surrounded by a surdy fence or hedge – summarizes the anti-social character of the suburbs by moving the display area to the private part of the house. After all, who cares what the neighbors think! You moved to the ‘burbs to get away from the neighbors!

  2. admin says:

    That makes sense, and around here people put a significant amount of effort into their back patios. As a misanthrope, I envision people looking at a house from the street, rather than entering it and socializing. And yes, I do have a front room that serves as a parlor. Next time I build a house, I’ll put the kitchen in the front.

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