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Turkey’s Map Restrictions and an Encounter with the Military after the 1999 Gölcük Quake

Andrew Finkel has described the way-out-of-date restrictions on detailed maps in Turkey:  NYT Latitude—Navigating Turkey.  His article reminds me of an encounter I had with a Turkish naval officer in 1999 just after the Gölcük earthquake. My colleague Eduard Reinhardt … Continue reading

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Looking for Palaeosols—Deep Coring in Moorhead, MN (videos)

I recently completed a project near Moorhead, MN that involved pulling deep soil cores to check for palaeosols.  Moorhead is situated on the ever-exciting Red River of the North.  As the Red River floods and changes course, sometimes she will … Continue reading

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Did a tsunami destroy ancient Lechaion?

Visit Corinthian Matters to learn about some new work, and see my thoughts on the issue.

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Standard Practice, not Conflict, in the Keystone XL Environmental Review

The latest Keystone XL protest coverage has focused on some possible “conflicts of interest” in the environmental review process.  The New York Times reported “that the State Department allowed the pipeline developer, TransCanada, to choose the company that prepared an … Continue reading

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The Case of the Lost Manubrium

An interesting report on disturbances of medieval graves appeared this week (Medieval Graves were Disturbed for Surprising Reasons).  Edeltraud Aspöck’s work reminded me of a minor but interesting detail from one of my excavations.  In 1999, construction at the James … Continue reading

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